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Child support in Texas is determined through a formula that is contained in the state guidelines. The formula is very straightforward.. The state's adherence to the formula means that there is often little that can be done to change child support obligations once the determination has been made unless there has been a substantial change that merits a modification.

The best opportunity for having an impact on the determination of child support obligations is at the front end of the process. While income is a variable that needs to be entered, what constitutes income is not as simple an issue as many people would believe. We can conduct a thorough analysis of what aspects of your income should and should not be considered for the purpose of determining child support obligations. We will look at such factors as:

  • Overtime
  • Bonuses
  • Military per diem
  • Retirement deductions
  • Health insurances
  • Social Security
  • Social Security Disability (SSD)

Our depth of understanding of the nuances of the child support guidelines allows our clients to secure the most appropriate child support obligations for their specific circumstances.

Personal Attention When You Need It Most

At Spivey & Firnbach, PLLC, our attorneys are committed to helping our clients effectively pursue the child support obligations they need to be able to meet both their own financial needs, as well as their child's.. We are skilled at rigorously analyzing the varying components of our clients' incomes. We understand how to disentangle the various parts of your income so as to ensure that you are being treated appropriately by the law.

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